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OpenCV is very famous open source for computer vision. It provides the 500+ imaging processing and analysis algorithms and is used many fields.

ManagedCv is the lightweight layer for the .net platform language C#/ to use the OpenCV 2.0 library. The whole project is use C++CLR/Managed C++ to encapsulate the apis.

Also, there are some opensource project they use dll import method to invoke api of openCV. But it's only can call C style function exported. Since openCV v2.0, the more and more moden C++ classes are introduced, the only way is use C++ CLR encapsulate the opencv for .net user.


  • Cover all libraries of OpenCV: CxCore, Cv. CvAux, HighGui, Ml
  • Cover most of all APIs, structs and classes of OpenCV.
  • Encapsulate the flags to enum
  • Lightweight layer
  • WinForm and Wpf support (wpf image view will release soon)
  • Static link CxCore, Cv. CvAux, HighGui, Ml libraries (not necessary to contain *.dll in same folder)
  • Fastest pixel accessor (Not necessary to Marshal)
  • Generic element accessor for Image and Mat
  • Samples
  • x86 and x64 support(future)


  • .Net Framework 2.0 at least(WinForm and library) or .Net Framework 3.0 above(Wpf)
  • Microsoft.VC90.CRT running time package
Please download from link:


  • Windows only (Mono do not support C++CLR)

The project is free for non-commerical usage.


  • WinForm sample
WinFrom Sample
  • Wpf sample
Wpf Sample

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